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Laurel Cemetery Memorial Project


We endeavor to erect a permanent memorial in recognition of the thousands of African Americans interred at Historic Laurel Cemetery, to ensure the safety and stability of the site into the foreseeable future, and to educate the public about the rich history of the cemetery and the lives of those buried there.


Taskforce Members

Chairman: Elgin Klugh, PhD 

Secretary: Molly Ricks 

Treasurer: Deidre Ferron

Bradley Alston 
Glenn Blackwell 
Carancay Bowen 
Terrell Brown
Beverly Carter
John H. Carter
Ronald Castanzo, PhD 
Beverly Cooper
Pam Charshee
Inez Haynie Dodson
Deirdre Ferron 
Jay Gibson 
Sharon L. Haynie
Donna T. Hollie, PhD 
Leslie King-Hammond
Curtis McMeekin
Gloria Porter 
Rob Schoeberlein, PhD 
Isaac Shearn, PhD